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Hiroshima Day Remembrance – The Day After Press Release


Hiroshima Day Remembrance:

Showing THE DAY AFTER, a film about a fictional nuclear attack on the US

As a remembrance of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, the first and only use of nuclear weapons in wartime, and in memory of those victims of unrestrained nuclear testing in many parts of the globe, the Davis Committee Against Nuclear Weapons  (DavisCAN) is hosting a showing of the film The Day After, followed by a discussion of the human, medical and environmental consequences of a nuclear attack.  The Day After was shown on national TV in 1983 and helped ignite the mass movements of the 1980’s that demanded reductions in nuclear arsenals, weapons testing development and deployment.

The US and the world are drifting into a renewed deadly and extravagantly expensive nuclear arms race.  Like the 1980’s we need a mass movement to resist the drift and persist until nuclear weapons and explosives, including new “modern” miniaturized versions, are not longer a threat to us and our world.  The discussion will be led by representatives of Ploughshares Fund and Physicians for Social Responsibility and will include how to organize and mobilize.

The event is free and open to the public.

When:            Thursday August 8 at 6pm (snacks provided)

Where:          Davis Friends Meetinghouse

                        345 L Street in Davis

Sponsored by Davis Committee Against Nuclear Weapons (DavisCAN),

Supported by:
Davis College Democrats
Davis Democratic Club
Davis Friends Meeting (Quakers) FCNL Advocacy Team
Dolores Huerta Democratic Club
Physicians for Social Responsibility, Sacramento Chapter
Progressive Business Exchange
Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom (Sacramento Branch)
Yolo County Democratic party
Yolo Progressives

For more information contact Bill Julian

Or website:

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