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Davis Committee Thanks Rep. Garamendi for Working to Reduce U.S. Nuclear Stockpile

The upcoming Nuclear Posture Review is an opportunity for the Biden administration to reduce the military role of U.S. nuclear weapons. We want to thank our congressman, John Garamendi, for recently organizing a letter from congressional leaders to the president asking that he actively guide the formation of the NPR:

“Your Administration’s NPR is a watershed moment where you can reject a 21st century arms race and make bold decisions to lead us towards a future where nuclear weapons no longer threaten all humanity.”

These bold steps would include: a declaration of U.S. policy of no first use of nuclear weapons; a determination of the damage expected to civilians, the climate and the environment from nuclear weapons use; deferring or cancelling new or modernized nuclear weapons; and pursuing diplomacy to build arms control measures which reduce the risk of miscalculation.

Now is the time for the President to ensure that the NPR is staffed not only by defense experts, but also by civilians and experts in nonproliferation, so that these goals can be reached. We urge Congressman Garamendi to continue his advocacy for a robust Nuclear Posture Review which will lead toward a safer world.

Davis Committee Against Nuclear Weapons and the Davis Advocacy Team of the Friends Committee on National Legislation

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